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  • DBCC DBCC CHECKDB (<db name>)
  • search constraints in DB by name:
    WHERE CONSTRAINT_NAME =’FK_Documents_Finance’




Correct settings for LDAPS in Zabbix.
You must type ldaps:// in Active Directory address bind.



Recently I noticed running out of space on one of Hyper-V host. There was only ~10% free space. Couple of VM was placed out of clustered storage, on local RAID.

But what was strange, this VM has ~100 AVHDX files and 1 main VHDX file, but there was no checkpoints!

Automerge should start automatically, but it doesn’t. So let’s try on my own.

 there are about 100 AVHDX files!


but there is no any checkpoint in Hyper-V MMC



  1. Automerge : should start automatically. Delete checkpoints, then poweroff VM.
    In my situation, there was not any checkpoint, so automerge didn’t start.
  2. Merge files manually through Hyper-V : Hyper-V MMC -> edit disk -> locate latest AVHDX file (by date modification). Repeat procedure until you achieve one VHDX file.
    In my situation (~100 AVHDX files) it would take too long :) 
  3. Merge files manually – without Hyper-V :
    a) download VHDUtils from here
    b) extract makevhd.exe file to VM AVHDX files localization
    c) on cmd or PS run command:
    makevhd -d   merged-disk.vhd   0   latest-modified-avhdx-file.avhd
    d) wait, there will be no progress bar
    e) when merging has completed – attach VHDX to VM.
    You may have “Cannot change disk since a disk merging is pending” warning – just remove HDD from VM, apply VM settings, and then re-add newly merged VDHX file to VM.

That’s it.

While adding some drivers to WDS image you could see error like this:

The following driver could not be added to the image.
There were no changes made to the image. Click Finish to close the wizard.
Error occured while trying to execute command.
Error Code: 0xc1420127

WDS error 0xc1420127 while adding drivers injection

WDS error 0xc1420127 while adding drivers injection


  • in regedit.exe
  • find registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIMMount\Mounted Images\***************
  • export key/key (for backup)
  • delete key/keys
  • restart service :)

To be able to connect Windows XP SP2 to a secured wireless network with WPA2 encryption, you need to install add-on:


Windows XP SP2 WPA2

Note, you can install it only on Windows XP SP2 (not SP3)